Talent Concept


Huaxin Plastics is an excellent platform that can achieve careers and dreams! The
company's open employment mechanism and openness and respect for talents have attracted a group of talents from outstanding domestic companies. Huaxin Plastics continues to develop rapidly, forming a continuous demand for talents.

Human Resources Concept
Employees are the company's most important partners.

The code of conduct
makes our partners more capable.

● Salary and welfare:
Competitive salary in the industry and region. Outstanding talents gain not only a sense of accomplishment in their careers, but also a reasonable return on benefits. The company currently provides five types of insurance for employees: work injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, endowment insurance, and medical insurance
● Promotion The
company advocates a "fair, just and open" competitive environment, and strives to make every employee of Huaxin Plastics sustainable Development space;
● Appraisal: An
effective incentive appraisal system that commends, rewards and provides opportunities for long-term career development to employees with outstanding performance to achieve the goal of working together, pursuing excellence, and sharing results.
● Training: The
company continuously introduces and trains talents, provides comprehensive career development space for business, skills and management, and has systematic and complete internal and external training programs to provide opportunities and an environment for the development and growth of each employee, thereby establishing a unified Support an effective, passionate and consistent workforce.

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